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Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.


John M. Maunder, Senior Rangemaster

We would like to welcome you to the home page for Chabot Gun Club. This site will help you find our facility and give you some information about the many activities that we host. Chabot Gun Club is the finest public marksmanship range in Northern California, and perhaps in all the west. We are located in the East Bay hills, above San Francisco Bay, in the heart of the beautiful Anthony Chabot Regional Park. The Park has camping, showers and hook-ups. Their website is: http://www.ebparks.org/activities/camping. We invite you visit their comprehensive home page at: http://www.ebparks.org

It’s about time, we are on Facebook now!!!        https://www.facebook.com/ChabotGunClub

Chaboit Gun Club

At Chabot Gun Club, we feature public lines for rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting and public trap fields. Several other ranges in our 65 acre facility are available for match activities and training rentals. Every weekend we have several matches of various types that are open to the public. Look up the activities you are interested in in the index to the left and contact us if you have further questions. One thing we do not do is rent firearms. We do have .22 rifles for loan to our Light Rifle, Junior and SmallBore shooters. We also loan Garands to High Power participants who need them. We have handguns available for our lessons. We do not, however, rent or loan firearms for use on the public lines. We emphasize safety on our range. Rules are published on this site and available at the Range office. Rangemasters and Range Safety Officers monitor all activities. If you are new to shooting, you will find the controls we use will guide you into safe gun handling habits. If you are an old hand, but new to our range, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that we are keeping an eye on the newer shooters. Memberships are available, with certain privileges such as voting for our directors, prepaid fees and a very occasional newsletter. Chabot Gun Club

For more information, give us a call at 510-569-0213 during the day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday or just come up and talk to us at the main range office at the rifle/pistol line.

You can also email me at  rangemaster@chabotgunclub.com. See you soon! John M. Maunder, Senior Rangemaster