Appleseed Rifle Training

Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.

Appleseed Rifle Training

RWVA’s Appleseed Clinics Come to Castro Valley, CA

Schedule 2016

Feb 20 & 21          Apr 12 & 17

Jun 18 & 19               Aug 20 & 21

        Oct 15 &16               Dec 17 & 18


Who we are and what we’re about:

The Appleseed Program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman. All throughout American history, the rifleman has been defined as a marksman capable of hitting a man-sized targets from 500 yards away — no ifs, ands or buts about it. This 500-yard range is traditionally known as “the rifleman’s quarter-mile;” a rifleman can hit just about any target he can see. This skill was particularly evident in the birth of our country, and was the difference in winning the Revolutionary War.

What You Will Learn?

Six Steps of Firing the Shot
Steady Hold Factors for Prone, Sitting and Standing Positions
Proper Use of a Sling for Accuracy
Sight Adjustment
Shot Group Analysis
Natural Point of Aim
Rifleman’s Cadence
Principles of Ballistics
The Heritage of the American Rifleman
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What To Bring:

Your Favorite Rifle, 400 Rounds of Ammo (.22 Rimfire OK), eye, and ear protection.

Clinic Cost:

Adults:  $60

Under 18yrs = $20

Law Enforcement Officers, Active Military, Public Officials and Disabled (all with ID) Shoot FREE!

Range Fee, per day, whether attending for one day or both: 

Non Member:  $15.00/CGC

Member:  $8.00

Junior (8 thru 17):  $5.00

Chabot Gun Club Management reserves the right to refuse admission, control occupancy or remove anyone whoseconduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with any safety regulation.