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2016 SCHEDULE (if Chabot Gun Club remains open)


02/13/16Instructor Re-Certification ClassStaff/RSO/InstructorChabot Gun ClubN/C
04/09/16Intro to Tactical HandgunNoneChabot Gun Club$120
05/14/16Intermediate Tactical HandgunIntro to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
05/28/16Center Axis ReLock  CAR SystemIntermediate to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
06/11/16Intro to Tactical RifleNoneChabot Gun Club$120
06/25/16Tactical Handgun and Shotgun  [2-gun]Intro to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
07/16/16Intro to Tactical HandgunNoneChabot Gun Club$120
07/30/16Intermediate Tactical HandgunIntro to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
08/13/16Center Axis ReLock  CAR SystemIntermediate to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
08/27/16Tactical Concealed Carry  – HandgunIntro to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
09/10/16Tactical Handgun and Rifle   [2-gun]Intro to Tactical Handgun & Intro RifleChabot Gun Club$120
09/24/16Tactical Movement – HandgunIntermediate Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
10/08/16Tactical Handgun and Shotgun  [2-gun]Introduction to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
10/22/16Intro to Tactical HandgunNoneChabot Gun Club$120
11/12/16Intermediate Tactical HandgunIntro to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120
11/26/16Center Axis ReLock  CAR SystemIntermediate to Tactical HandgunChabot Gun Club$120




Intro to Tactical Handgun



Intermediate Tactical Handgun



Tactical Handgun/Shotgun


150  shotgun

Prefer 00 buckshot or birdshot

Intro to Tactical Rifle


500 rifle rounds

Tactical Handgun and Rifle


200 rifle rounds

Center Axis Re-Lock   CAR





Arrive to the park gate at 800AM.  We will be allowed into the park at 800AM.  Arrive to the range no later than 830AM.   Registration begins at 830AM and will conclude precisely at 900AM.  The safety briefing will begin precisely at 900AM. Students who fail to arrive in time for registration and the safety briefing will not be allowed to train.  Class will conclude between 300PM and 330PM.  Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.


Payment is to be made when arriving to the range.  Students can immediately check-in with the designated staff member.  Team 3 does not require or want prepayment.  Students can make payment in cash or by check, made out to TEAM 3 TACTICAL, llc.  Please remember, if you are enrolled in the class, then fail to attend, we will block you from participating in any future training courses.  Please note that courses are offered to you at a very-very reasonable rate.


  • Eye and ear protection, Electronic ear protection is highly recommended so that you can clearly hear range commands. BDU style range pants, proper foot wear, and heavy duty Blackhawk style pant belt.
  • Semi-auto handgun – properly functioning, clean and free of defect.  We do not train revolver shooters.
  • CA legal rifle (AR platform, Springfield M1, M14 platform or other approved rifle) Rifle shooting mat recommended, rifle support sandbag or bipod, 1, 2, or 3-point tactical rifle sling, all tools needed to adjust sites and optics. 12ga shotgun, semi-auto or pump, 18-20” barrel preferred with a required 1, 2, or 3-point tactical sling.
  • Proper hip or thigh holster for the specific gun you are using, magazine pouches, no less than 3 magazines for each weapon.
  • Do not come to class with improper equipment – you will not be allowed to train
  • Visit or or or vendor of your choice to explore recommended BlackHawk holsters or belts, Magpul or BlackHawk slings, and related gear.
  • Bring your lunch and plenty of liquids – Dress appropriately for weather conditions.  We train rain or shine.



Bring unloaded and cased firearms into the range seating area, leave them cased and untouched until specifically asked to do so as a group.  Safety is our foremost objective and we will not allow any gun handling of any type until directed to do so as a group and as directed by faculty members.  Students are specifically prohibited from handling firearms anywhere on the facility, including the parking area of the range.  Please be certain that your magazines are unloaded since we will practice dry-fire exercises before going to live-fire mode.

We will no longer allow students to participate unless they have a proper hip or thigh holster specifically manufactured for the firearm they are using.  Students must be able to re-holster with one hand. We do not allow flap style holsters or in the pant style holsters. Students are required to snap their weapon in between each shooting command. If you use a threat level III holster then you must lock in all snaps before the next threat command. Students must have magazine pouches and no less than 3 magazines for handguns/rifles. All rifle and shotgun shooters MUST HAVE a sling or they will not be allowed to train.  Invest in the proper gear for training.

Students who are unable to follow safety and shooting instructions will be removed from the class. Safety is our responsibility and obligation to all students and staff.   Do not come to the range smelling of alcohol or any form of intoxicant.

Each course will begin with a safety briefing.


Prerequisites have been established for certain courses.  Prerequisites are in place to prevent students from attending courses they are not physically or emotionally prepared for.  Unprepared students have the tendency of stalling the progress of a course and adversely impact the training schedule and objectives.  With the exception of military and law enforcement personnel, we require course prerequisite courses be completed through Team 3 Tactical.

Team 3 employs a variety of law enforcement and military faculty members.  Team 3 typically schedules 1 faculty member per 5 students.  If you enroll in a course then fail to attend, it drives up the company overhead.  Team 3 operates these training courses at a price about half of other course providers.  If you enroll in a course and fail to attend we will remove you from the invitation list for future training.

Effective 2012, Team 3 has carefully scripted topics and outcomes specific to each course.  While we value student input on course content, faculty will deliver what is planned and deemed safe and appropriate for our students.  Each course will conclude with a debriefing and students will be able to provide feedback on the course and recommendations for future drills, topics, etc.

CAR System:  In 2012, Team 3 decided to offer two CAR System courses for our most experienced and proven shooters.  Each CAR course will have its own distinct level of training.  To attend the CAR course each student must have successfully completed the prerequisites. Students attending this course must have demonstrated highly proficient levels of handgun marksmanship skills and manipulation coupled with strict adherence to safety protocols.  These courses will be restricted, but if you meet the above requirements and have trained successfully with us in the past then please feel free to enroll.

Special notation: Refrain from trying to bypass our prerequisites by citing numerous outside schools you have attended.  Quite frankly, we don’t know you or the other schools you have attended and do not know if you are up to our required standards.  This decision is simply about safety.  An exception is combat military veterans or sworn law enforcement personnel.