Some Restrictions

Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.

Chabot Gun Club’s public lines have restrictions on firearms, shooting and behavior that are strictly enforced. The main one is as follows:

You are not allowed to shoot yourself or anyone else while on Chabot Gun Club property. If you do, you will not be permitted to shoot for the rest of the day.

Then, you are not allowed to bring a loaded firearm (*) onto the property unless:

You are in uniform and on duty, or

You are off duty and have your concealed carry firearm, or

You have  your permitted concealed carry firearm.

In any case, you cannot use any of the above firearms on the public line without checking into the office first, unloading the firearm and not having your holster on you while shooting. Be sure to come back to the office to gear up before you leave. Do not gear up on the line, in the parking lot or anywhere else on the property.

(*) A loaded firearm is one that has ammunition in the firearm. Ammunition on the firearm is ok here. Ammunition in magazines that are inserted into the firearm with the action closed or the bolt removed will get you a talking to. Ammunition in a magazine with the action open (unless the bolt is removed) or in the chamber will get you the opportunity to shoot another day because you will not be shooting today. A revolver with a cartridge next up if the trigger is pulled gets you out for the day also. Best Management Practice?: keep your ammunition in a separate case from your firearm and you won’t get into trouble with the law on the way up or our staff once you get here.

The next most important rule is:Gun Club

The Instructions Of The Range Staff Must Be Followed At All Times. We cannot possibly write down all the conventions of respectable, responsible human behavior, so, if something you are being told to do or stop doing does not appear to be written down somewhere where you can see it, let me repeat “The Instructions Of The Range Staff Must Be Followed At All Times.”

There are many firearms laws that apply to us, sitting, as we are, in the middle of the East Bay Regional Park District, Alameda County, the State of California, the United States of America and the 257th Imperial Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Anyway, please DO NOT come here if any of the following are not legal in the aforementioned jurisdictions:

1. You, if you are temporarily or permanently prohibited from being in possession of or being around firearms,

2. Your firearms, if they are not properly configured or not legal for you to have them,

3. Your accessories, if they are not properly configured or not legal for you to have them,

4. Your ammunition, if it burns, glows, explodes, gives off noxious fumes or just about anything except go thump into the dirt. The other kind of ammo is almost certainly illegal and an enormous fire hazard to boot and finally,

5. Your targets, if they burn, explode or give off noxious fumes. Again, probably illegal and a serious fire hazard.

This place usually has a number of law enforcement people on the property or very close by. We like it that way. Please do not wreck your day by doing something you shouldn’t do up here.

Alcohol is not allowed on the Range. Those who are “under the influence” are not allowed to shoot. If we can smell alcohol on your breath, even from the night before, we may deem you to be “under the influence” and not let you shoot.

We are not qualified to determine if someone is “under the influence” of other drugs. So, if you smell “funny” or your actions cause us to question whether you might be chemically impaired, we may just call the police and let them decide. We probably won’t tell you before we call them.

Eye and ear protection are required for all shooters and anyone else forward of the Red Safety Line. Ear muffs on your knees or glasses on top of your head don’t count.

No shoes, no shirt: no shooting. Wear appropriate clothing. Loose fitting clothes or outfits with large openings may trap hot cases from a nearby shooter. This can cause shocking pain and could affect your marksmanship. It could also cause you to do something really unsafe.

No Rapid Fire. You must wait one (1) full second between shots.

No firearms without full iron or optic sights.

Exception: laser sights are ok by themselves if, and only if, the RSO can see the laser dot on the target paper.

No traditionally rifle cartridge firearms on the pistol line. This often means, but is not restricted to, AR /AK pistols. It can also include other calibers at the discretion of the Rangemaster.

If a shooter cannot consistently keep their shots on target at a given distance they will be required to move or not shoot that firearm.

Shotguns used on Ranges 1 & 2 must use “slugs” only.

Slug reloads MUST use high base shells.

Shotguns on the rifle line (Ranges 1 & 2) must have rifle sights or optics (lasers that the RSO can see [as above]are ok). You need to know where each slug hits. A $2 scope rental is preferable to a $20 donation for taking down a horizontal board.

No buckshot or birdshot in front of the red safety line. If we see it or become aware of it, you will have to move it behind the red safety line. Best to leave it in your car.

No Shotguns without full shoulder stocks. No shooting without using the sights.

Handguns designed for shotgun shells can only shoot slugs. No birdshot or buckshot in front of the red safety line. Oh, did I say that already?

Air pistols and air rifles are permitted here.

No airsoft guns anywhere.

No un-aimed shooting. (Shooting from the hip, over the head, etc.) No shooting without sights. I think I said that too.

No shooting without a target.

No human or humanoid or used-to-be-human targets or silhouettes. No stubby neck things. No silhouettes pretending to be clocks. No vehicle pictures. Targets are either supplied by us or approved by us or are not permitted. Warm, fuzzy, wild animal pictures are ok. Go figure.

Minimum age to shoot is 8 for rifles and shotguns and 12 for handguns. If, however, in the opinion of the range staff, a firearm is inappropriate for the size, build or experience of an individual, we will not permit that person to shoot that firearm. We have seen people get hurt and / or traumatized by shooting something that they were not properly fitted for and we will try to stop it before it happens.

No dogs are allowed out of vehicles on Club property. There are parking and walking places outside our property. We like dogs. We like to keep them safe. We like to keep other people safe around them. We do not like having to clean our shoes.

SKS rifles are limited to only 2 rounds in the firearm at a time. This applies to all types of SKS rifles, regardless of improvements, modifications, paperwork or pleading. We are not anti-gun here. We are anti-getting shot by a gun that goes full auto, held by a person who may or may not know how to control it. This does not apply to any other firearm at the time of this writing.

Muzzle control is strictly enforced. If a firearm is not in a case, it must be carried muzzle up, with the action open at all times. Keep your fingers outside the trigger guards.

Casing and uncasing of firearms must be done at the shooting benches with the muzzles (the pointy end) pointed downrange (toward the targets)!

Holsters (with or without a gun in them) may NOT be worn openly on the public lines. Magazine pouches are OK.

If you can legally carry a concealed firearm, it must remain concealed. You may NOT use it without coming up to the office to un-holster and unload it into a safe area first. You should return to the office to reload and re-holster when you are done shooting. If we can tell you’re carrying, you will either have to figure out how to better conceal it or it will have to come off. We understand that some agencies require their people to carry all the time. We also understand that most agents don’t usually have a gun on their hip when they go swimming. There are other concealment options that you may have to use here also.

Really large centerfire caliber’s like the .50 BMG, .416 Barrett and other such long range rifles are permitted only on Mondays after 1 PM. Their use is also dependant on crowding and other factors, such as never on holidays. Other nearby shooters must be warned prior to each shot. If, in the opinion of the Range staff, any firearm is unsuitable for any particular range at any particular time, its use may be prohibited. Call in advance, please.

We are thinking about adding restrictions on the .500 S&W’s and other really large caliber handguns because of the noise and muzzle blast. Be considerate of others and hopefully we won’t have to. AR pistols and the like really belong on the rifle line. We will likely ask you to shoot there so that you don’t freak out the other handgunners.

No commercial use of the public lines. The public lines are for recreational use only. If you are teaching a friend or relative for free, that’s great. If you are thinking of doing any sort of activity that involves, or may involve, any form of compensation, now, or in the past or in the future, on our public lines, please don’t (that’s polite for “Do Not”). Our Policies on Range Rentals may give you other options.

Commercial photography (still or video) of any sort is prohibited without written permission of the Chabot Gun Club’s Board of Directors.

Everybody has a camera now, but please do not take pictures or video of people or their property without their permission.

If someone objects to your taking pictures of them or their property, please stop immediately. Please erase any such pictures if asked.

No political, electoral or signature-gathering type activity on or near any of the shooting ranges. If you want to solicit for some worthy cause or feel the need to rally the troops to overthrow the Rangemaster, just ask him and he’ll help you get started in an appropriate place.

If someone is bothering you, be it with pictures or other behavior, let Chabot’s Range staff know immediately.

Please do not argue with the Range staff. If you don’t understand something or you just got yelled at over the loudspeaker or by one of the staff, you can come up to the office and nicely explain what you were trying to do when we started jumping up and down. We are here to keep people safe and may have a way for you to do what you want.

Chances are, however, that you will have to adjust the way you do things to our system. Some of our rules involve fundamental safety procedures. Some are just because, “That’s the way we do it here.” We have a reason for everything we want you to do or not do. No need for hurt feelings.

Thank you for reading these and being safe.

John M. Maunder, Rangemaster

Oh, by the way:

Management reserves the right to refuse admission, control occupancy or remove anyone whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with any safety regulation.

Patterning At the Trap Range

Shotguns at Trap or on the pattern board must use 7 1/2, 8 or 9 low base shells only.

KNOW Before you purchase patterning ticket(s):

ONLY #7-1/2 through #9 lead shot may be fired. Appropriate shells are available for purchase at the main range office.  NO buckshot, NO slugs, NO steel shot, no exotic shot (bismuth, etc)

ONLY 1 round may be loaded into the shotgun and then fired. Do NOT load your shotgun until you are at the patterning area, with the muzzle pointing down range.  Patterning is NOT about blasting away, nor are you going to be able to test how the 9th round feeds from your new extension tube.

Each Patterning ticket allows you to shoot up to 5 shots at a patterning target. There is a strict limit of 2 patterning tickets per person per day.

Minimum firing distance is 20 yards, maximum distance is 40 yards. The distance is clearly marked at the patterning range.

Targets allowed – you may use the light paper 2 foot square bullseye target we provide, or bring your own. For example, a true shotgun pattern target is a circle 30 inches in diameter – you might want to bring a larger piece of paper with an appropriate circle drawn on it.  Targets may be geometric or animals, and you may add stickers like the “Shoot N See” targets we sell at the main office.

Targets NOT allowed – do NOT use a rifle/pistol public line target as your shot will ruin the cardboard. Absolutely NO humanoid targets of any sort.

If you do not intend to follow the above rules, please return your pattern tickets and targets to the main office for a refund.  Any breach of the above rules, or failure to follow the instructions of the range staff may result in your ejection from the range.

Sign in on the board outside the trap range office.

Wait for a trap range staffer to assist you (if they are busy pulling targets for trap shooters, you will need to wait until they can assist you at the end of the round of trap)

Trap range personnel will take your patterning ticket(s) and will provide you with a large piece of cardboard to attach your patterning target to. They can also loan you a roll of  tape to mount your target to the cardboard, and then mount the cardboard to the wire mesh of the pattern frame.  Do NOT tape cardboard to the metal frame of the patterning target equipment!

Uncase your shotgun in the fenced, safe uncasing area outside the trap office, with the muzzle downrange. Do NOT uncase, assemble, disassemble, or clean shotguns at other tables, benches etc.  Stand your shotgun in the rack provided, muzzle up.

All semi-auto and pump shotguns are to be carried with muzzle UP

Break-action shotguns are carried broken-open, with the muzzle pointing DOWN. When closing or opening the shotgun (to rack it, for example), open or close with the muzzle pointed downrange and NOT at your fellow shooters.

A rack and table are provided for your use in the patterning area. Only one shotgun is to be loaded and fired at a time.  Again, you may load one round ONLY into the gun, then fire it.  Do NOT load multiple rounds.

NO hip shooting. NO unaimed fire.  NO “cruiser” type shotguns – all shotguns MUST have a shoulder stock

After you are done shooting, return the tape to the trap office, and return the large cardboard backer to the breezeway next to the trap building.