We Yell Because We (like lifeguards) Care

Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.


In order to insure that we all may have a pleasant experience at our very safety conscious facility please read and understand the following. 

You will be called out on the loudspeaker, or by Range staff or by other shooters for:

1.  Stopping at, or touching anything on or near a shooting bench during a target change (cease fire) period.

2.  Pointing an exposed muzzle anywhere but straight up when moving around. 

3.  Loading or unloading a firearm anywhere but at the shooting benches.

4.  Pointing a loaded firearm anywhere but but downrange (toward the targets).

5.  Carrying an uncased firearm with the action closed, with a magazine inserted or with a finger inside the trigger guard.

6.  Uncasing or casing a firearm in any area other than the shooting benches. (Not the tables behind!)

7.  Handling a firearm that is not pointed downrange when using a multiple firearm case.

8.  Not having eye protection over your eyes or ear protection on your ears in front of the red safety line.

9.  Crossing the red line during a cease fire, before the announcement, “Move out, please”.

10.  Smoking in any unapproved area.

11.  Firing more than one shot per second. Double tapping. Triple tapping.

12.  Posting a non-approved target (especially any humanoid type).

13.  Posting any target outside the proper target area of the target backers.

14.  Hitting any wood. We will charge you $20 if you shoot a horizontal board down; $50 for an upright!

15.  Shooting without first paying the range fee and signing in.

16.  Whatever we feel needs to be done at the moment, whether posted or not. Safety is paramount!

These are not all the rules. More are posted around the range and on the website www.chabotgunclub.com Please help us keep this range a safe place for all our patrons.

Curt Monroe, Assistant Rangemaster in charge of the Range Safety Officers

Curt Monroe