Environmental Compliance

Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.

Environmental responsibilities are among the numerous challenging tasks facing firearms facilities in the United States today. Environmental stewardship goals are set by various local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Chabot Gun Club, in partnership with the East Bay Regional Park District, Alameda County Environmental, Cal EPA and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, has developed an Environmental Stewardship Plan that complies with agency guidelines for lead management at outdoor shooting ranges (EPA-902-B-01-001).

The Plan includes the following:

  • Regular water and soil sampling
  • Lead reclamation and recycling
  • Brass recycling
  • Quarterly environmental inspections and industry best practices (BMP”s)
  • Records maintenance of environmental compliance and stewardship.

At the current time, Chabot Gun Club is in compliance with all Local, State and Federal agencies in regards to Soil and Water management.

Tony Martinez
Director, Health, Safety, & Environment
Chabot Gun Club