3-Gun Program

Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.

3-Gun Program Information:

When –  1st & 5th Sunday Every Month
Where – Ranges 4 & 5 on 1st Sundays, Range 8 on 5th Sundays
How Much –  $20.00
Activity Manager – Steve Lew s_lew@hotmail.com
Special Instructions – Not for beginners. Start with PPC, Tactical Handgun, or Tactical Rifle first!

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The Chabot 3-Gun matches provide experienced shooters with challenging and realistic courses of fire featuring movement, multiple target engagement and unconventional shooting positions. During the course of the year we will present matches featuring pistol, combat shotgun, carbine, rifle and precision rifle. Target distances range from contact to in excess of 200 meters and several matches will feature multiple firearms types (I.E.: shotgun & pistol) with transitions between them.

Chabot 3-Gun shoots on the 1st Sunday of the month on ranges 4 and 5. We also shoot on the 5th Sunday of the month on range 8.

Handguns: any service type semi-auto 9mm or larger  is recommended. Revolvers can be used. 

Shotguns: any pump or semi-auto 12 or 20 gauge with 18 to 24 inch barrel can be used. 

Rifles: any center-fire rifle, most any caliber. Military style rifles usually are advantageous. Rimfire semi-autos are permitted under special provisions.

3-Gun Program

If you have questions, see the email address at the end of this page.

 2016 Schedule

January 3 – Carbine & Handgun

January 31 – Standard Rifle

February 7 – Shotgun & Handgun

March 6 – Carbine, Shotgun & Handgun

April 3 – Carbine & Handgun

May 1 – Carbine, Shotgun & Handgun

May 29 – Precision Rifle (no handgun)

June 5 – Carbine & Handgun

July 3 – Carbine, Shotgun & Handgun

July 31 – Precision Rifle (no handgun)

August 7 – Carbine & Handgun

September 4 – Carbine / Shotgun / Handgun

October 2 – Carbine, Shotgun & Handgun

October 30 – Standard Rifle / Carbine

November 6 – Carbine & Handgun

December 4 – Carbine, Shotgun & Handgun