Tactical Handgun & Rifle

Unfortunately, Chabot Gun Club’s lease was not renewed by the East Bay Regional Park District and the marksmanship range is now permanently closed. We thank all of our tens of thousands of patrons for your support for more than fifty years at this important facility. There are no plans to open up at another location at this time, although we still are open to suggestions.

Tactical Handgun & Rifle Match Information:


Handgun:  4th Sunday

Rifle:  1st Saturday of most months

Time:  8:30 AM

****Participants must be here by 8:30 for set-up.*****

Where:  Ranges 4 & 5

How Much:  $25.00

Activity Manager:  Robert Grenon rbgrenon@yahoo.com

2016 Schedule:

Handgun                      Rifle

January 24                January 2

February 28              February 6

March 27                   March 5

April 24                       April 2

May 22                       May 7

June 26                     June 4

July 24                       July 2

August 28                  August 6  

September 25           September 3

October 23                October 1

November 27            November 5

December 18            December  3

Tactical Handgun and Tactical Rifle matches emphasize use of firearms in tactical, real-world situations.  Thus, accuracy, technique, and situational awareness are considered to be paramount rather than the speed of execution or quantity of ammunition used.   We offer an opportunity for both experienced and middle level shooters to develop and practice skills appropriate to the real world.

In order to make the match economically practical for all participants we will permit the use of either rimfire or center fire ammunition. Scoring will be conducted accordingly.

All courses of fire will have a generous par time. Effectively, time used in the execution of the stages is not a factor in scoring.

Most courses of fire will have a fixed round count. This will compel accurate, aimed fire.

Scoring is based on accuracy and proper technique, with penalties for lapses of tactical awareness or failure to use cover adequately.

Each match will consist of 4 stages with an approximate total round count of 100.

Placement within a match will be on a modified  “first registered – first placed” basis.  We will cap enrollment so it is suggested that prospective participants pre-register at least one week before the match date.  Placement within a match cannot be guaranteed without pre-registration. In the event that we have more applicants than available space permits among those who pre-register one week in advance, we will select those who best forward the purposes of the match. All others who pre-register one week in advance will receive priority at the following match should they pre-register one week in advance for that match. We will notify all who pre-register as to their status on the Monday before the match. As the volunteer staff increases to assist in running the matches, it is our intention to increase the number of competitors.

Competitors need to arrive before 8:30 AM to assist with set up. Each person will help as needed during the match, and will stay to help clean the range after the match unless otherwise notified by the Activity Manager. Competitors who are unable to comply with this requirement must notify the Activity Manager prior to leaving.

Participants have privacy rights.  Therefore, no form of recording or electronic storage of the match is permitted.

Safety and sportsmanship rules will be strictly enforced. Courtesy and professionalism are expected from all.  Rude behavior, discourteous speech, or malicious interference in the conduct of the matches will not be permitted. Participants who disturb the operation of the match, fail to cooperate with match staff, or act in an unsafe manner will not be allowed to participate for the day.  Additionally, they may or may not be permitted to participate in future matches.

Permission to participate in the matches is at the sole discretion of the Activity Manager.

All participants must demonstrate suitability for the matches by previous training at Chabot and/or by history of both safe and sportsmanlike behaviors at similar matches. Those participating with us for the first time should briefly note their previous match or training experience to help us assure eligibility. If necessary, private or class training is available for those who need additional preparation.

All regular participants will be encouraged to complete a Safety Officer program and act as Safety Officers in these matches as needed.

Chabot Gun Club also offers: Basic & Intermediate Handgun Safety & Marksmanship Classes, Home Defense Training, private instruction and Hunter Safety Classes as well as a wide variety of shooting activities and competitions. Please call for further information @ 510-569-0213.

Safety is paramount. We enforce safety rules strictly.


Chabot Gun Club Management reserves the right to refuse admission, control occupancy or remove anyone whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with any safety regulation.